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Year 3 Term 3 Exams

Earlier this week, we finished up our school year with our Term 3 exams. I was so excited to do our Term 3 exams because (1) I have been reading through Celeste’s various posts about the exams she does with her children and have been inspired, and (2) I participated in Celeste’s Exam Webinar that was so extremely helpful! I really appreciate Celeste’s posts about their exams because they have really helped me see how one can incorporate both standard and creative type questions. So Celeste, thank you so much!

We follow the Ambleside Online Curriculum, with our own additions/substitutions as needed to fit our family. My youngest daughter just finished up Year 3. I thought I would share the exam questions I put together for Term 3 in case maybe it will helpful for someone too. 🙂

Just a sample of some of the exam papers before exam time.


Term 3 Exam Questions

My daughter is still in Form I, so a lot of the exam questions are done orally. She will enter Form II next year and with that will come more written work with her exams. So in the exams for this term, I included one narrative style question for her to write her answer to (History question #1 below).

1.  Of the Saints we’ve learned about this year, choose one and tell me about him/her.
2.  Tell about our Lord’s birth including the journey to Bethlehem.

1.  Pretend you are one of the Pilgrims that came over on the Mayflower and you are keeping a journal of your daily life in the colony. Write a journal entry describing what colonial life is like for you.
2.  Tell all you know about the Union Jack OR Bonnie Prince Charlie.
3.  Tell what you know about one of the following:

– William Bradford
– Anne Hutchinson
– John Harvard

1.  Pretend you are a news reporter and do a news report on how the Beverley children came to live in the New Forest. (From Children of the New Forest by Captain Marryat)
2.  Tell all you know about the story of Theseus. (From The Heroes by Charles Kingsley)

1.  Recite “Wishes” by Sara Teasdale OR “A Good Play” by Robert Louis Stevenson.
2.  Sing “Ave Maria”. (In Latin)
3.  Sing the first verse of “America, the Beautiful”.
4.  Sing the first verse of “Blow Ye Wind”.

1.  Choose one of the lessons from Draw Write Now 2 and complete.
2.  Choose one of the artworks from Jacques Louise David and tell me the name of the work and describe it as best you can.

Music Study
1.  Sing the Solfege scale.
2.  Discuss the difference between pitch and rhythm.
3.  Describe both major and minor scales and tell which one the Solfege scale is.
4.  Demonstrate on the piano a half step and a whole step.

Play “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” on your tin whistle.

Natural History
Draw a sketch of Koskomenos the Kingfisher OR Meeko the Red Squirrel and list at least three characteristics of the one you choose to draw.

1.  Label the following colonies that we have read about so far on the blank map provided:

Rhode Island
New Hampshire

2.  Draw a picture of a compass and label it.
3.  Complete the attached map of Great Britain and Ireland by labeling all the places you have learned this term.

Copy the following passage from Seabird in your best cursive handwriting on the handwriting sheet provided:

“Week after sunny week the Clipper soared south, her wide wings filled with wind. Then came tropic downpours, waterspouts, fitful breezes, and blistering sun.”

1.  Diagram these sentences:

Eat juicy pears.
The Lincoln Memorial is a famous monument.

2.  Tell me the definition of both a common noun and proper noun.

3.  Make these words plural:


I prepared math questions based on her math lessons from Term 3. I also had her complete a math drill of multiplication math facts she’s been learning this year.


Exam Assessment

Just some of my thoughts with our Term 3 exam:

  • My daughter is improving in her cursive handwriting skills. We need to work more on translating that neat handwriting in penmanship to neater handwriting in other subjects. 😉
  • She’s really getting her mutiplication math facts down. But there are some other math concepts she learned this term she needs to review a bit more. I love Celeste’s idea of having math practice sheets in the student’s notebook/binder. I started doing this the last few weeks of our term and it really helped in working on concepts that needed a bit more review while still moving forward with math lessons.
  • I think she is doing well with narrating things she’s learned. We do still need to work on her ordering events in her narrations a bit more. But overall, her narration skills are growing.

These are just a couple of thoughts. There are other observations I noted from this term’s exams as well. If you are new to doing Charlotte Mason style exams, I encourage you to check out Celeste’s blog and her various exam posts. Her exam posts have been so helpful for me! You can also look at the Ambleside Online Exam page to see the exams they’ve put together for their curriculum.

2 thoughts on “Year 3 Term 3 Exams

  1. Thanks for sharing this, Karen! I really enjoyed reading about your experience, and your questions were both open-ended and challenging. I also liked seeing how you hit ALL the subjects. Sounds like a fun time! 🙂

    I’m sure that pinpointing your daughter’s issue with bringing order to her narrations will be very helpful in helping her move in that direction over time. That’s the kind of thing I enjoy gleaning from the process, because it’s not something general like “her narrations could be improved” but more precisely “her narrations could be improved *in this particular way.*” Which is a whole lot easier to focus on as a mother-teacher! 🙂

    Thanks for your support, Karen. Hope exams continue to be a blessing to you. 🙂


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